White Fused Alumina Micropowder
White Fused Alumina-WA


White Fused Alumina Micropowder
       1.     Description:

White, WA

Main Composition: AL2O3 (≥99.00%)

Microhardness: 2200-2300kg/mm2

2.     Specification:

A P (Coated abrasives) P240-P2500

A F (Bonded abrasives) F240-F1200

JIS   #240-#10000

3.     Characteristic:

1) Strong cutting force; 2) Good chemical stability; 3)Corrosion resistance ;4) Good insulation

4.     Application:

 ♦ As lapping and polishing materials, coating materials;  ♦ As precision casting sand;  ♦ As chemical catalysts, additives of special ceramics and high-grade refractory.