White fused alumina oxide -Heated & Ceramic coated

White fused alumina oxide -Heated & Ceramic coated


WFA-HCC is ceramic coated with ferric oxide on the surface by a specific processing. It is made from high quality white fused alumina calcined at high temperature through intensive deep processing. The product features a large specific surface area, stronger hydrophilicity, even particle size ,higher purity, stronger binding power ,cutting effciency and good heat dispersion performance , it is main performance indexes are as below: compared with normal BFA, BFA-HCC micro-hardness increases 10% ,toughness increases 10%, hydrophilicity increase 3.5 times , grinding and cutting quantity increases 3% and efficiency increase 30%-50% . It is suitable for making Top grade resin cutting-off wheels.

Standard: FEAP F (Bonded abrasives)

Grit available: Grit F12 – F220#. Other sizes are also available on request.